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A "Flip your state" program to push you into a consistent state of happiness within 4 DAYS.

You are just one click away from being your happiest version!

So that you wake up with overflowing joy, be present through the day, & go to bed with a grateful heart.

Skyrocket your happiness levels

Bring more presence into life

Move forward with certainty

Eradicate your negative mindset

people said 

"Life Changing Course"


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*Client survey post course completion

*Alters state of mind & Balances emotions

all you want is a happy state of mind to go through your day… 
...but your triggered emotions keep pulling you down, affecting the quality of your life?

With 10x-happiness, you will drift into a much happier state of mind, extracting so much more from every aspect of your life;

Moreover, while dealing with difficult situations or emotions... you'll 
never feel helpless again!

Say goodbye to...

Waking up feeling underwhelmed/anxious, unhappily stressing about the day.

Unsteady, uncertain & wavering emotional states throughout the day.

Stressful thought patterns - triggering often; sucking the life out of moments.

The habit of not being you; being passive, people pleasing, submissive.

Covering up your unhappiness with short-term pleasures like procrastination and binge eating. 

Instead you will

Wake up with overflowing joy… inspiration & inner drive, AND without an iota of self-doubt... Experience true freedom!


Sustain a Strong & Stable state of mind... keeping you calm, confident & happy throughout the day.

Be present & be your happiest version... dominating the day by being on top of every situation.

Lead life by expressing your most authentic version.

Start respecting & valuing your time, your abilities... your presence & ultimately yourself. Make your life count.

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And this is how you will feel with this course!

Get started NOW!

*wait till you read google verified reviews of top professionals below!

How happy are you?

Nowadays, It’s so hard to find genuinely happy people. Not necessarily people are sad, but many are unhappy, and it is so common around us that we don't even realise if there is something within us that needs our attention. In this state, we get triggered easily, react, seek endless pleasure, procrastinate, lose focus, and lack the stability needed to realise our goals. 


Sometimes we don’t realise how unsteady emotions can affect the quality of our life… affecting our relationship with ourselves, others & our goals. 


Even when we are happy, usually the cause is external (like an object, situation, or people) & since we do not control "the external", our happiness stands uncertain. Also, you’d have observed that happiness is temporary when the cause is imposed, like meditation, motivation, "gratitude journal", etc.


How many times have you tried that? 


But hey! Hear me out…


Happiness is consistent & effortless only when it originates from the clarity of 'self', of who we truly are & what really matters to us!


When you honestly become happy, you prefer an optimistic perspective towards life...

Imagine waking up with overflowing joy, planning your day with enthusiasm & certainty, and being present and delightful while keeping a positive tone throughout the day. And above all… having the ability to bounce back to happiness whenever you slip!


And I can't tell you enough how addictive it is to stay happy, to be yourself.


Scroll below to see what happiness can do for you:


Increases presence leading to willing participation in every moment

You stop running after activities/objects seeking pleasure; instead, it encourages you to focus on what matters to you

Decreases neediness, thus making you less prone to manipulations & drama, enabling you to make beneficial choices


Increases self-love & appreciation & makes gratitude automatic & logical (doesn't feel  imposed/forced)

Increases your charm, attractiveness and influence by enabling you to be YOU - your most authentic self.


A deep feeling of satisfaction... giving you a premium experience of life


Encourages you to be more forgiving, accepting & loving… in turn encouraging the other person to reciprocate. 

Makes you more fun to be around.

Set up a path to having the most valuable, comforting, premium relationship experience.


Instead of reacting to your old behaviour patterns, it makes you pleasantly unpredictable.


You inspire & influence others to be happy and be their authentic selves.


You create emotionally safe spaces for your loved ones, thus strengthening relationships for eternity.

Won't you like that? Well, that's why...

We bring you the most effective happiness program out there...

10x happiness

Ya? What is so special about it?




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people said 

"Life Changing Course"


Well, We have taken out the most powerful sections from our top-tier courses, costing USD 3k++, and crafted a powerful program for you that will flip your state of mind and push you into a sustainable state of happiness. It's Sustainable & Consistent because we don't offer you symptom-based solutions like meditation or maintaining gratitude journals; instead, we bring about a fundamental change in how you think, perceive and feel your life!

No Meditations

No gratitude journals

No Preaching/motivation

Only Pure Wisdom (altering how you think)

It is so good that some of our clients message us this in private ;)

*screenshots from top-tier batches

Get started NOW!

Here's what you'll get!

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Our simple, proven, proprietary method, tried & tested worldwide & over the years, that pushes you into a consistent state of happiness & certainty, transforming every aspect of your life within 4 days. 

 9 hrs of on-demand video lessons systematically spread over 4 days

Bit by bit, bombing every thought that keeps you away from being happy & taking you closer to being yourself!

High Value 

Hand-picked content from our super high ticket programs

...because we love giving value


15k success stories, 4k enrolled through references

…you have the assurance you need


Focused on altering “how you think!” no meditations, no preaching

…just something you could use for the rest of your life

4-Day GAME Plan

Day 1 Gaining access to happiness within! A thorough analysis of your life to understand where & why you are stuck. 1. Analysing where all unhappiness has impacted you in life. Conversing & negotiating with your ego! 2. Learning & implementing our proven HOC (happiness on command) formula by accessing your deeper states of mind. 3. Post-session activity to paint a clear picture of your state of mind.

Day 2 Mastering Happiness! Getting to know the fabric of happiness. 1. Understanding the psychology of happiness 2. Understanding 7 inner dynamics of happiness that will help you master happiness 3. Understanding the core of “wanting” & “needing”. Why wanting is empowering and needing pushes you out of happiness.

Day 3 Self – actualization! You are here because it's time. 1. Understanding who you are! 2. Realising the space between you and your emotions & thoughts. 3. Tasting your essence by practically realising what self-awareness is. 4. Learning how to be fully involved and still be fully detached. 5. Stopping the illusion! Taking Charge and getting ready to charge ahead!

Day 4 Taking Charge! Switching ON the self-awareness button. 1. Understanding factors that have the ability to disrupt your happy state. 2. Getting beyond those factors. 3. Becoming aware of deep-rooted patterns that keep you away from happiness.

PS: These are LEARNING sessions, not to be confused with motivational or preachy speeches; they usually have a temporary effect.

We don't tell you what to do; instead, we try to broaden your perspective to bring about a fundamental & sustainable shift in how you think & feel. 


These sessions will deeply satisfy your urges to grow, become better & go one step beyond where you are today! 


After four days of learning, these are the kinds of results you can expect:

Get started NOW!

This is for you if you want to:


  1. Bring a massive sustainable shift in your emotional state.

  2. Ditch unpleasant emotions and skyrocket your happiness levels.

  3. Be more present & positively engage with life at a meaningful level.

  4. Get rid of all the pretentions & be your most authentic self.

  5. Fall in love with yourself & your life… once more!

  6. Inspire others just by being yourself.

  7. Be more forgiving, accepting & loving to others.

  8. Influence a path to the most valuable, loving & comforting relationships.

  9. Experience a premium life by accessing deeper-lasting happy states of mind.


10x-happiness is the program you didn't know you needed & had been secretly wishing for. It helps you ditch unpleasant emotions & pushes you into an upward spiral of growth & happiness. 

You should go for this because

High-Value Content We teach these exact methods and tools in our top-tier programs, worth over USD 5k. Now our goal is to witness transformation at scale in our societies, and that's why we bring you these solutions at a no-brainer cost.

Crafted having a deep understanding of the human mind – emotions and behaviours.

Practical Teachings All our solutions originate from an in-depth understanding of human psychology, which means no preaching or motivation. Instead, we focus on genuine, implementable, & practical to life solutions.

Unique, never experienced before

Guaranteed to work We have a 99.9985% success rate, which is unheard of in our industry. If this doesn't work, what will?

If only your happiness is increased by 10%, how will it influence your life? And let's say your happiness increases by 50%; how would it impact your behaviour and actions? 


And what if you could be fully happy, truly believing in yourself and your life? Can you even comprehend the possibilities that will open up for you? Now how would you make decisions, how would you carry yourself, how would you engage, and what would you create?  

Remember: Happiness is not the end goal of life; in fact, it’s the beginning of the life that you deeply desire and deserve. 

Get started NOW!

Here's what some top Executives and Entrepreneurs have to say about us(VERIFIED REVIEWS):

Get started NOW!

Hello there, meet me! Santosh Asnani

Mr. Santosh Asnani

Santosh has closely worked with top CEOs & entrepreneurs around the world. He desires to see this world as a happy, loving & purposeful place. He is presently working on ways to bring mass transformation to our societies. 

Why are we doing this?/so, what's the catch?

Our top-tier courses go from USD 3k to 25k, and since I picked up a significant section from it, I wanted to charge USD 500 for this program. 


But then I understand how difficult life can get if we are unhappy; every moment feels like a lifetime. Anyway, so I wanted to make this accessible to everyone(cheaper than a pair of shoes) so that more people could be happy. Even better, invest in our top-tier courses once they realize the value I provide. 


So I negotiated and came down to $250, wanting to avoid making a loss on this. But I still wanted to bring it down more and took the leap of faith and decided to test run this at a variable fee starting from $50-$250. 


So if you see this for $50, I promise you that you will never find this at a better price again, instead only higher. 


  1. This is absurd; how can you increase my happiness levels?

    1. Honestly, we can’t. Neither can you. Because happiness is already within you in infinite quantities, but due to a misunderstanding about you/life by you, you cannot access it. 


Imagine a pipeline with an unlimited flow of water but fully blocked due to obstacles. These obstacles are the clutter of thoughts in your mind that stops you from being happy. Our job is to help you question these blocks and, see through the illusion(misunderstanding) & realise that you always had access to infinite happiness.


  1. What if I am still unhappy after going through this program?

    1. What if you become the happiest version of yourself? Won't that change your whole life? 


This program does not work only for those who want to stay in their victim zone because that’s their free will. But if you have even the tiniest intentions to be happy, this program is all you are looking for & has all that you need.




  1. Why don't you offer a money-back guarantee if you are so confident about your program?

    1. Because that will never allow you to fully commit to your happiness. You’ll always have an escape route in the back of your mind while going through this program which will stop you from giving your best. 



  1. Why is this so expensive?

    1. ​​Really? Do you find this expensive? People leave no stone unturned to feel a little bit more than we currently feel. Vacations, gifts, in fact, most of our purchases are because we want to feel better. Eventually, all that is short-lived, and then we are ready to spend again with our credit cards out in our hands. This is so much more powerful, sustainable and life-long in your possession. Isn't it worth it even if we charge you an equivalent of a vacation? Get this before we change our mind and bump up the price.

Just pause and ponder how much you have been missing in life by not being fully happy. Whats the price that you have paid for it, personally & professionally?

If you are here and have read all that I have writen till now then the your need is obvious. If you are looking for one final assurance about this course to push you from the fennce to the other side then THIS is your confirmation. This will prove to be one of the most effective learning intervention of your life, period. Here you have my word, go for it!

Get started NOW!

Did you know?

We usually go to great lengths to find happiness. We plan vacations, go out with friends, buy designer shirts, and spend extra on a phone/car/house of our liking so that we can be happy. Imagine getting to happiness without any means, at a fraction of the cost we usually spend.


Only for today, you can literally buy happiness. Haha

And if you are still on the fence, let me make you an offer you can't refuse. If, after thoroughly accessing this course for the first two days, you feel that this hasn't been a valuable investment, then just drop an email to cs@higherself.in, and I will refund you every penny, no questions asked.

With 10x happiness, you can expect to have these benefits:

Master Happiness! Understand every facet, nuance, and dimension of happiness. Find the triggers that pull you down and eliminate them. Imagine happiness being just a call away whenever you slip out of it.

Start Believing! If you are unhappy, can you believe in a brighter future? Being happy itself is evidence that you trust life and believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, you start getting closer to your goals.

Stop surviving; start living! An unhappy person is just surviving, not living, full of stress and worries about the world and having no fun. Can you imagine a life without fun? When you are happy, you begin to participate enthusiastically. Happiness for the mind is what’s oxygen for your body.

Get your life back on track Unhappy people are always trying to fill their cups. Neediness, desperation, and emptiness are the norm. Conversely, when you realize that no external object or person can make you happy and you derive your happiness unconditionally from within, only then can you honestly consider, "how can I make my life worthwhile? What's my purpose?"

Be your best version! The contentment from happiness enables you to give, share, love & spread your true essence. You make meaningful connections. You become a delight and a pleasure to be around. All this happens because you feel deeply satisfied and incredibly happy.

Eradicate negative thoughts & emotions Really? Do we need to say more? Okay, You’ll be free!

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