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Zen Mode 

A "Flip SOM (state of mind)" program to push you into a consistent state of happiness within 4 DAYS.

So that you start enjoying every moment of your life like a pro andextract MAXX from it. (PRO MAXX, get the joke? Leave it; it's forapple eaters).

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Skyrocket your happiness levels

Move forward with certainity

Alters state of mind & Balances emotions 

Bring more presence into life

Eradicate your negative mindset

Do you often struggle with your emotions?

Well, who doesn't? And I did, too. I struggled to be happy, nothing was helping me, and I am someone who left no stone unturned. Read countless self-help books, watched numerous videos even attended so many courses. Though everything worked out but only for a short while. It was only when my frustration peaked I decided to go within… I analyzed the emotion of happiness from every perspective and experienced a breakthrough.

See below how this can help you

Master Happiness! Understand every facet, nuance, and dimension of happiness. Find the triggers that pull you down and eliminate them. Imagine happiness being just a call away whenever you slip out of it.

Start Believing! If you are unhappy, can you believe in a brighter future? Being happy itself is evidence that you trust life and believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, you start getting closer to your goals.

Stop surviving; start living! An unhappy person is just surviving, not living, full of stress and worries about the world and having no fun. Can you imagine a life without fun? When you are happy, you begin to participate enthusiastically. Happiness for the mind is what’s oxygen for your body.

Get your life back on track. Unhappy people are always trying to fill their cups. Neediness, desperation, and emptiness are the norm. Conversely, when you realize that no external object or person can make you happy and you derive your happiness unconditionally from within, only then can you honestly consider, "how can I make my life worthwhile? What's my purpose?"

Be your best version! The contentment from happiness enables you to give, share, love & spread your true essence. You make meaningful connections. You become a delight and a pleasure to be around. All this happens because you feel deeply satisfied and incredibly happy.

Eradicate negative thoughts & emotions Really? Do we need to say more? Okay, You’ll be free!

I bring you the most powerful happiness program out there.

Yes, I have taken out the most potent sections from our top-tier courses, costing USD 3k+, and crafted a powerful program for you that will flip your SOM and push you into a sustainable state of happiness.

No gratitude journals,
No Meditations,
Pure Wisdom(altering how you think).

Curious to know what you'll learn?

4-Day Course Plan

Day 1 Gaining access to happiness within!

Day 2 Mastering Happiness

Day 3 Rising on the frequency scale through self-realization

Day 4 Taking Charge!

Read GOOGLE VERIFIED Reviews of TOP executives and Entrepreneurs below


Hello there, meet me!

Santosh Asnani

I  have worked closely with top CEOs & entrepreneurs around the world. My desire is to see this world as a happy, loving & purposeful place. I am presently working on ways to bring mass transformation to our societies. 

You should go for this because

High-Value Content We teach these exact methods and tools in our top-tier programs, worth over USD 5k. Now our goal is to witness transformation at scale in our societies, and that's why we bring you these solutions at a no-brainer cost.

Practical Teachings All our solutions originate from an in-depth understanding of human psychology, which means no preaching or motivation. Instead, we focus on genuine, implementable, & practical to life solutions.

Guaranteed to work We have a 99.9985% success rate, which is unheard of in our industry. If this doesn't work, what will?

Some benefits you'll reap2


Master Happiness!


Stop surviving; start living!


Be your best version!


Start Believing!


Get your life back on track.


Eradicate negative thoughts & emotions.

Did you know?

We usually go to great lengths to find happiness. We plan vacations, go out with friends, buy designer shirts, and spend extra on a phone/car/house of our liking so that we can be happy. Imagine getting to happiness without any means, at a fraction of the cost we usually spend.


Only for today, you can literally buy happiness. Haha

And if you are still on the fence, let me make you an offer you can't refuse. If, after thoroughly accessing this course for the first two days, you feel that this hasn't been a valuable investment, then just drop an email to cs@higherself.in, and I will refund you every penny, no questions asked.

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