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Is happiness really a choice?

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Have you ever thought about it? Whenever we find happier situations we become happy and whenever the situations are not going as expected it makes us unhappy.

Isn’t it so? Where is the choice then?

Once I was walking through an educational institute, it was one of the best institutes in the country. It had a huge infrastructure. There were many employees working there. I saw a security guard there and in that moment it suddenly occurred to me to check what is going on his mind. I approached him and asked him with care “What do you do?” He was little surprised at the question and reacted “Are you trying to make fun of me? I am a poor man. I am a security guard. My life is not as great as yours. I have to stand here throughout the day.” I consoled him and walked ahead, in about a min I saw a lady who was cleaning the floor, she looked really happy, I walked to her and asked her “What do you do?” She smiled and respondent “I help the management of this institute to keep their infrastructure neat and clean so that teachers can teach and students can learn comfortably and in good vibes.” I was filled with awe and respect for that lady and said to myself “Off course madam that’s why you are so happy!”

Did you see what happened there? Did anyone of them lie? No. They both spoke the truth.

Did you realise that truth and reality are just other perceptions? That’s why ‘your reality’ is exactly what your ‘perception’ is. (P.S. Don’t confuse truth with facts.)

Have you seen people who get irritated as soon as they encounter traffic on road and then the other kind who just pump up the volume and enjoy?

Think about it who is more powerful a person who gets upset whenever even a little thing maybe in his personal or professional life doesn’t go as he expected OR a person in whose life at a point when nothing is working out, family and friends don’t understand him, his finances are going down, etc.. And after all this he smiles and says “I know it will work out, I am on it.” Though rare but this is the category that belongs to leaders which inspires one and all, which is looked upon, where everyone desires to belong.

What can you conclude from the above examples? That it is completely our choice weather we let external situations affect us or not. Isn’t it?

Ponder whenever situation goes as you expected you feel happy. Where does this happiness come from? Where is it stored? Think...

It comes from within you; it is stored right inside you! Isn’t it? So aren’t you the one who made a choice that when the external situation happens in a particular manner then you will take out this happiness from inside of you? Because anyways happiness has to come from you even when things go your way, external situation cannot give you that since they don’t have it.

This knowledge is powerful enough to help you deeply analyse and take charge of your happiness. It ‘can’ help you stay in happiness. I said “can” because again it’s a choice, you will have to make this choice.

Be aware and take charge!

Be you... Be your Higher Self!

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