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You are just one click away from being your happiest version!

A "Flip your state" program to push you into a consistent state of happiness within 4 DAYS.

So that you wake up with overflowing joy, be present through the day, & go to bed with a grateful heart.​​

Skyrocket your happiness levels

Bring more presence into life

Move forward with certainty

Eradicate your negative mindset


*Alters state of mind & Balances emotions

All you want is a happy state of mind
to go through your day… 

...but your triggered emotions keep pulling you down, affecting the quality of your life?

With 10x-happiness, you will drift into a much happier state of mind, extracting so much more from every aspect of your life;


Moreover, while dealing with difficult situations or emotions... you'll never feel helpless again!


Waking up feeling underwhelmed/anxious, unhappily stressing about the day. ​

Unsteady, uncertain & wavering emotional states throughout the day.

Stressful thought patterns - triggering often; sucking the life out of moments.

The habit of not being you; being passive, people pleasing, submissive.

​Covering up your unhappiness with short-term pleasures like procrastination and binge eating. 


Wake up with overflowing joy… inspiration & inner drive, AND without an iota of self-doubt... Experience true freedom!  

Sustain a Strong & Stable state of mind... keeping you calm, confident & happy throughout the day. ​

Be present & be your happiest version... dominating the day by being on top of every situation. ​

Lead life by expressing your most authentic version.

​Start respecting & valuing your time, your abilities... your presence & ultimately yourself. Make your life count.


*wait till you read google verified reviews of top professionals below!


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Understanding the definition of different emotions really helped me sort things out. Thank you Santosh for such a clear and crisp explanation. Understanding and learning about emotions is something I believe everyone should go through, this will really help you get a grip in your life.

### Life is like a car, get on the driver's seat and take charge of your destination ;-) ###

Nelson Pinto


Nowadays, It’s so hard to find genuinely happy people. Not necessarily people are sad, but many are unhappy, and it is so common around us that we don't even realise if there is something within us that needs our attention. In this state, we get triggered easily, react, seek endless pleasure, procrastinate, lose focus, and lack the stability needed to realise our goals.  


Sometimes we don’t realise how unsteady emotions can affect the quality of our life… affecting our relationship with ourselves, others & our goals. 

Even when we are happy, usually the cause is external (like an object, situation, or people) & since we do not control "the external", our happiness stands uncertain. Also, you’d have observed that happiness is temporary when the cause is imposed, like meditation, motivation, "gratitude journal", etc.

How many times have you tried that? 

But hey! Hear me out…

Happiness is consistent & effortless only when it originates from the clarity of 'self', of who we truly are & what really matters to us!


When you honestly become happy, you prefer an optimistic perspective towards life...


Imagine waking up with overflowing joy, planning your day with enthusiasm & certainty, and being present and delightful while keeping a positive tone throughout the day. And above all… having the ability to bounce back to happiness

whenever you slip!

And I can't tell you enough how addictive it is to stay happy, to be yourself.​

See what happiness can do for you:


Increases presence leading to willing participation in every moment

You stop running after activities/objects seeking pleasure; instead, it encourages you to focus on what matters to you


Decreases neediness, thus making you less prone to manipulations & drama, enabling you to make beneficial choices


Increases self-love & appreciation & makes gratitude automatic & logical (doesn't feel  imposed/forced)


Increases your charm, attractiveness and influence by enabling you to be YOU - your most authentic self.


A deep feeling of satisfaction... giving you a premium experience of life


Encourages you to be more forgiving, accepting & loving… in turn encouraging the other person to reciprocate.

Makes you more fun to be around.

Set up a path to having the most valuable, comforting, premium relationship experience.


Instead of reacting to your old behaviour patterns, it makes you pleasantly unpredictable.


You inspire & influence others to be happy and be their authentic selves.


You create emotionally safe spaces for your loved ones, thus strengthening relationships for eternity.


Won't you like that? Well, that's why...

We bring you the most effective happiness program out there... Introducing...

Get Happiery Now!

Ya? What is so special about it?


Well, We have taken out the most powerful sections from our top-tier courses, costing USD 3k++, and crafted a powerful program for you that will flip your state of mind and push you into a sustainable state of happiness. It's Sustainable & Consistent because we don't offer you symptom-based solutions like meditation or maintaining gratitude journals; instead, we bring about a fundamental change in how you think, perceive and feel your life!

No Meditations
No gratitude journals
No Preaching/motivation

Only Pure Wisdom (altering how you think)

It is so good that some of our clients message us this in private ;)

*screenshots from top-tier batches