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Feeling stuck in life?

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Do you feel stuck in life?

Like the time is moving ahead but your life just doesn’t want to. It’s almost like a same day every day. And this monotony is eating you up, not giving you any satisfaction.

Do you feel hooked on to things that give you instant pleasure like social media, watching movies, surfing internet, getting high etc…?

Life seems to be slipping away in menial things that don’t matter?

Do you feel worried, anxious, unhappy or stressed out?

Why is it so? Let’s analyse.

Ask yourself. Are you growing? I mean mentally. Or rather first let’s evaluate how important is growth to you? Do you want to grow? Say personally or professionally. Who doesn’t?

Can you grow in any sector, I mean any, without growing mentally? Can you?

So, are you growing?

What have you done/learnt for your growth in last one three or five years?

Or are you just sitting in one corner expecting a miracle to happen?

Without putting much efforts, without working on yourself, are you just dreaming that your ‘angel’ investor will come and hand over you truck loads of cash for your venture? Or dreaming about becoming a famous or rich personality?

Let me break the sad news to you… It won’t happen.

It doesn’t work like that. Just visualising or “attracting” things to happen.

Nope! Sorry to break this to you.

It doesn’t work because life is not designed for sitting at one place and desiring things, it defeats the purpose of evolution.

RATHER life is meant for taking efforts and getting it done.

Imagine what would have happened to this planet if every legendary person would have just sat and dreamt without working on his dreams?

The one who 'wants', gets it done, not the one who just desires.

“Karma parmo dharma”: It means efforts or actions is the top most duty/value/ethic or religion.

Miracles do happen! But only for the one who acts because even God helps only those who help themselves.

Do you understand? Do you agree?

Do you feel an urge to act, to take charge?

No? That’s ok, scroll down to the next post.

Yes? Click on the link below, scroll down and register for a ZERO session, online (over web) or in person.

Love and light to you, always.

Be your higher self!

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