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What is desirous state?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Everything starts with a desire! Is there any other possibility? By everything I literally mean everything including you reading this, isn’t it? Every big or small thing was a desire in the beginning maybe including this universe. Think about it. When desires get fulfilled we experience happiness, joy, satisfaction. Of course the quality of this experience of emotion depends on “what” we desire.

If all the desires are removed from us there would be no reason to continue to the next moment, isn’t it so? Can they be harmful? Desires per say are not useful or harmful but “what” we desire can make it either useful or harmful. You see, the problem is not in desiring, problem is to stay in a “state of desire” or desirous state.

What is desirous state?

Desirous state is the game of the imagination of our mind. Our mind takes us to this imaginary place where we see our desire already fulfilled and start living the same, that’s what is a desirous state and boy that is some temptation because without putting any efforts, without taking any actions, without wasting any time we are already there BUT the sad part is, it is still imaginary far away from reality.

This state is something to be concerned about because firstly this state does not guarantee any action rather it makes us procrastinate and secondly once we start enjoying this state and start spending more n more time over it, unknowingly we start getting desperate to manifest it into reality, because the more time we spend over a thought specially in desirous state, the more power we give it over us. We get desperate onto this extent that many a times we are even ready, without a thought, to compromise any values, morals just to manifest that desire into reality. An extreme example of such a desire going out of control would be RAPE, another example can be taken from a recent incident which occurred in Bangalore where a gym trainer killed a delivery guy because he wanted a smart phone and didn’t had money to pay for it.

Have you ever experienced anything like this? Maybe for the latest phone or car or house where you thought just buying this thing is what you need and you will become happy. People/society around you will start excepting you, appreciating you. AND you even compromised your priorities just to get this thing?

Just ponder what a dangerous situation this can be! Because:

1. You want it to manifest at any cost even compromising your values or priorities.

2. You don’t even act for it.

3. It might not be of any real or meaningful value to you.

What’s the solution?

There is only one solution and i.e. self awareness. We need to be aware and resist ourselves getting into this state and instead question ourselves that how meaningful is this desire to us? Will it help us grow? Does it have anything of “real” value? If the answer of all of the above is No, then we need to discard this desire from ourselves. AND if the answer of any of the above is Yes, then we need to stop ourselves from going into desirous state RATHER take actions, make plans to achieve it, to earn it and importantly also operate out of understanding that there are many dynamics playing in any given situation which we don’t control thus not building any expectations on the outcome instead give our best in our efforts. What if we still don’t achieve it? So what, give another try! Since we have resisted getting into desirous state we probably haven’t build that desperation of outcome within us.

Be aware or Beware!

Love and light to you!

Be you...Be your Higher Self!

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