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Forgive – Do you have a better option?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Do you think forgiveness is a favor to others?

Do you believe only brave can forgive? Or do you think that forgiveness is weakness; people who seek or give forgiveness are weak?

Sometimes do you think it’s unfair to forgive, given what all ‘wrong’ has happened in the situation?

Or you think given the nature of the other person WHY should you forgive?

I ask you what other option do you have? If one doesn’t forgive, he/she give way to emotions like sadness, hurt, blame, guilt, stress, worry, REVENGE and In case one is a powerful influential person and he/she is successful in taking a revenge, what does he gains from it? I am not asking this from a moral point of view, I am asking this from a calculative point of view? Whole time what one spends in revenge mode; is not at peace and highly likely that you will find mix of many other unpleasant lower emotions. I mean whatever maybe the reason does it even make sense to go through such an experience on top of that when one has already gone through something he/she didn’t like, because of which thought of revenge? So what one is doing here is that to take ‘revenge’ of an experience he didn’t like he is creating another bad experience for himself! Isn’t it?

And what do you miss meanwhile? You miss learning, growing, spreading love. That is too much price to pay! That is to let go of logic. I mean what do we truly want apart from learning growing and loving? and not forgiving takes one away from that possibility.

Forgiveness is never about the other, it is always about you! It is a favor on self. It is to find back meaning in your life, it is to give peace and other beautiful emotions a chance, because that’s what each one of us deserves. Do you agree?

Now the question arises, how to forgive?

When the above mentioned understanding seems logical then one allows the possibility of forgiveness to take place by creating an understanding of the situation. Understanding is not a simple emotion it is a complex emotion; for understanding one needs to be unbiased, to have maturity, to be objectively thinking. This creates an environment of learning. And when one understands & learns…acceptance comes effortlessly and immediately which in turn makes forgiveness extremely logical.

So learn & ‘forgive and forget’! Forget because it’s not worth storing.

Love and light!

Be you, be your higher self!

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