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Is it Love, Is it Attachment?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

It looks like there is a thin line between love and attachment but trust me there is not. They are not even close, but still we often confuse the two.

When we don't know what love is, it is natural for us to misunderstand attachment as love because it can look like love though both these emotions are far apart from each other, in terms of the value they can add in our lives.

What is attachment?

“Wife: Honey! Do you remember john? My first boyfriend, I guess I’ve mentioned about him.

Husband: Oh ya I do. Its great you are still in touch.

Wife: He is in town for couple of days, I am going to meet him today for lunch.”

Husband starts feeling possessive, insecure thus a bit anxious. What do you think a pure emotion of love is making this person feel all this?


“Dear, please don’t go for trekking, what if you slip on the hills? What will happen to me if something happens to you? I love you a lot. ”


“Son/daughter/brother/friend why don’t you come and live with us? Whats the point of being successful if you are not with your loved ones? We really love you. We miss you.”

What do you think love limits or gives freedom?

As the name suggests "attach-ment" attaches you, bounds you, restricts you. It is a freedom killer, it creates dependency, it creates expectations, it might become a love killer. It makes us weak.

Attachment gives birth to possessiveness, insecurity, fear, sadness, anger and other sorts of lower emotions. Attachment is never about “giving”, it’s never about the other, rather it’s based on “receiving from the other”, it’s always about I, me, myself.

Whereas love is pure and its about giving unconditionally. It’s always about the other.

It is not for the weak to love. Weak cannot love. By weak I mean emotional emptiness. To love, you need be rich in order to love. We don't mean materialistic rich here, but what we are talking about is the only fundamental thing which is meaningful to us, i.e. emotions or rather abundance of higher emotions.

What does abundance of higher emotions mean? It means deep satisfaction. When you are deeply satisfied, when you are truly happy, only then you are in a position to love because with love comes freedom, and how can you be free if you are not happy? Are you free when you are sad? Happiness gives freedom. Freedom from lower emotions enables you to love.

So, ponder and extract all the attachments in your life, let them go and replace them with love.

Love and light to you.

Be you...Be your higher self!

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