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Proved, that It only depends on you!

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Do you really think that happiness is a choice?


Do you control your situations?

Can you with surety say what’s going to happen tomorrow or day after or later? Can anybody tell? No!

When you don’t even control what happens to you, how is happiness a choice? Isn’t it just a matter of chance? For example let’s say you lost your job or say you met with an accident or your heart broke!

How can you be happy? Do you really have a choice there?


Remember the word is “choice”, and it’s not a compulsion. You have all the right in the world if you ‘want’ to be sad or unhappy, on occurrence of any kind of above mentioned events.

But do you have a choice to be happy?

Yes, you do!

Let’s see how, do you think all the people in this whole world will have same reaction or similar amount of unhappiness or sadness on occurrence of events like these?

No? Some will be less affected some will be more and few who don’t get affected.

That means it’s not the situation which is creating trouble rather it’s your perception! Think about it…

Now, isn’t your perception your choice? You can chose to be a victim and be sad about it or you can broaden your perception and choose yourself.

Is it not?

Happiness is a choice – Choose wisely!

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